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When running a multinational business, there are various characteristics a leader should possess, these characteristics would help a leader to perform his work successfully. They are: Gaining overseas experience, being humble, having self-awareness (being able to know one’s self), be honest and a leader should be able to overcome cultural diversity.       Gaining overseas experience: It is very important to have experience abroad.

A leader should have travelled outside his/her country more than once to be able to understand how things are done in others. When they do this, they gain a stronger understanding on how their business plan would work and also become successful.Being humble: To be able to work with other people from different backgrounds and countries needs a certain level of humility.

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One should be able to bring their self to learn what is needed without bringing up any conflicts. This would give other people a good impression of you.Self-awareness: Having self-awareness basically means knowing one’s self. You should know where you come from and also what you belief. You should also know how it differs from other people you’ll meet internationally. By this, it’ll give you an edge in what you are trying to market.Honesty: When running an international business, people think truths should be hidden or only a level truth should be said. This is wrong; all facts happening in a business should be said because in multinational business setting, the executives need to be able to count on you in order for the business to be a success.

Overcoming Cultural Diversity: In other countries, there are things we find strange and also not being used too. It could be the weather, different races, and languages. You will have to get used to these changes and by doing this; you’ll have to get an intense interest in the things you find strange. When you do this, you learn things which would help you as a person and make what you plan on marketing more productive and positive   


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