When he could make it accessible to everyone.

When Levèvre was 31 he was made a priest and taught philosophy in Paris.(1490-1507) In 1520 on a Sunday morning, people went to church and they were astonished by the fact that they were actually listening to their translation of the bible. Lefèvre was the one behind this miracle.

Jacques quoted to a friend, “You can scarcely imagine with what ardor God is moving the minds of the simple people in some places to embrace his Word.” Meaning that you can barely imagine how God moves people into shojwing his words.Levèvre was a theologist that wanted to fix the translations of the misleading context and the errors of ancient texts.

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He then started to study about the bible in the Latin translation. When he started his research and got deeper into it, he started to find out that studying the truth promises true happiness. He then dropped the study of philosophy and then started to study the bible even more so he could get it translated into his language. In 1530 Jacques translated the whole bible from Latin to French. He translated the bible because he wanted the people listening to the bible could be as certain as the pastor(s). Jacques had a deep love for God, that’s why he was able to learn the latin translations so he could make it accessible to everyone. After Jacques had translated it, people were so eager to learn what God’s word was and after a month the first 1,200 copies were sold.

Many theologians opposed to Jacques work and wanted to silence it for good. If King Francis I didn’t step in, Jacques would’ve been named a heretic. In 1524 he translated the psalms so that people could worship The Lord with greater emotion and devotion. Theologians soon took a look at his work and wanted it to be burned publicly. Jacques didn’t want to be involved in all of that so he fled to Strasburg where he kept translating in secret.

A year later King Francis I made Jacques the tutor of his son Charles this assignment gave him way more time to finish all of the bible translations. In 1530 he completely finished the translations. Jacques work influenced others to start translating or do other things like Martin Luther with the 95 Theses.

He continued to be a catholic until death. He then died in 1536 or 1537 in Nérac. His translations made a clear path to what we have today.


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