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 When we think about wonders of the world wethink about the Great Wall of China or The Roman Colosseum. What we forget isthat wonders were not made only in the past. Nowadays we have our own wonderswhich are called the wonders of the modern world. Every year a new innovativeand spectacular construction is completed which makes it a bit difficult toselect the most amazing ones among them.The Channel Tunnel  The Chanel Tunnel, or The Chunnel ascalled by some, was first opened in 1994. This tunnel connects Coquilles inFrance with Folkstone in the United Kingdom.

The Chunnel consists of threetunnels from which two vary trains and the other is used as a service tunnel.Since it passes through the English Channel 24 of its 31.35 miles are locatedunder water. More than 400 trains pass through this tunnel each day connectingtwo countries and two different cultures.

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The construction of this wonder took six years and 80 percent more thanexpected. 11 boring machines were used to dig the tunnel which weighted morethan the Eiffel Tower and each of them was as long as two football pitches. Oneof them still remains buried under the Chunnel while another was sold on eBayfor 40 000 pounds. The Empire State Building  Standing at 1250 feet tall The EmpireState Building was the tallest building in the world when it first opened on 1stMay 1931.

Since then this building has become an icon of New York City and apride for all the Americans. On a clear day from the top of the building fivestates can be seen: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut andMassachusetts. Today it is seen as a symbol of human success in achieving whatseems impossible and unreachable.  With its 103 stories the Empire StateBuilding took only one year and 45 days to build. The total height of thebuilding reaches 1450 feet including the height of the antennae. Due to thestatic electricity at the top of the building you can see sparks sometimes whenyou are at the top of the building. This Building has been featured in manymovies due to its impressive architectural style.

The Golden Gate Bridge    The golden Gate Bridge was the bridgewith the longest span in the world at the time it was completed in 1937. Withits 1.7 miles the bridge connects the city of San Francisco with Marin County.More than 41 million trips pass through the bridge each year, a fact thatemphasizes its importance.

Due to its unique style and impressive sights The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the mostphotographed building in the world.Before the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge the only way oftransportation across San Francisco Bay was by ferry. The two main suspensioncables which hold the bridge together use a combined 80 000 miles of wire,equivalent of going around the world in a single line three times.

12 300 tonsof weight were removed from the bridge when the roadway was replaced in the1980s. This bridge is truly a remarkable feat of modern engineering .


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