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When Benjamin Franklin was in the printing house in London, drinking alcohol was a norm among his poor coworkers. His companion at work drank a pint of beer for each meal and before and after his work. He strongly believes that drinking beer regularly is a necessity because beer can get him good and strong. While Franklin drinks only water and he can carry large form of type in one hand while others need both hands. Through time, after he gained a considerable influence, he convinced his coworkers to eat hot water gruel instead of beer. It was cheaper, more comfortable and it kept their head clear. While others were always stressed about money and alcoholism, Franklin and his workmates never have to worry about any of that. He even use the money he saved up, paying thirty shillings a week for his other workers.I was surprised when Benjamin Franklin kindly convinced a great part of his workmates to “left their muddling breakfast of beer, and bread, and cheese” and eat hot water gruel instead even though his workmates forced him to pay for their drinks by “mixing his sorts, transposing his pages, breaking his matter, etc”(49).  He knew that drinking gurel is cheaper, more pleasant, and it gives more strength to workers. Instead of planning revenge on his workmates, or getting mad at them, Benjamin Franklin talked them out of their bad habit and everyone is happy. I learned that Benjamin Franklin is benevolence, he helped his coworkers even they treated him poorly. He was convinced that it’s “folly of being on ill terms with those one is to live with continually”(49). Why argue and fight with people when you can be friends with them and help them out? Argument and fight only leaves in hostility and anger, but helping others can leaves you a lifetime of happiness. Benjamin Franklin is great for many reasons, helping people is definitely the biggest. He improved Franklin stove and streetlight, established libraries, universities, and the first fire stations all because he wanted to dedicate his life helping others.  In the autobiography, Franklin used exemplification and comparison “carried up and down stairs a large form of types in each hand when others carried but one in both hands”(48) to show that he’s stronger than his workmates. Instead of stating the obvious, Franklin used a example to compare the differences between he and his workmate which help the readers to understand clearer and better. This moment seems like a small event in Benjamin Franklin’s life, but it’s powerful in a way that this small moment reflected a important trait of Benjamin Franklin, his benevolence.


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