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When itcomes to lips, most women want plump, defined lips.

Lip-glosses, lip sticks andall of the other innovative lip products out there help to give momentary plumpeffects but these effects are not as long lasting as the users would want. Assuch, the . Juvéderm® facial filler can be an option for women who want plumplips that wont wash off with the washing away of lipstick, without anyunnatural looks. With the ageing process, all parts of our skin are affected;lips are not left out in this process of being altered and changed. Albeit, thechanges in the lips will differ person to person, depending on the size andshape of the lips. the disappearance of full lips Due to the changes that take place within our facial bonestructure as the years progress, the bone that supports your lips (for thoseinterested to know, the scientific term for this bone is “maxillae”), starts to becomereabsorbed into the body. Yes, you read right! There is a process that involvesreabsorption of bones! As a result of this not-so-pleasant process, without themaxillae backing being there, your upper lip starts to look flatter and thinner.The fullness or plumpness of the lips starts to disappear.

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You may even feelthat you no longer recognize your lips.We tend to smile a lot, some smile more than others. Thisrepetitive act of smiling starts to show with the appearance of marionettelines; or the thin lines that are outlined on the sides of your lips. Theselines begin to get more visible and add to the lines being formed on the facedue to natural changes that are already taking place.  HOW CAN JUVÉDERM® HELP your lips? Holding onto lips that full and not thinning is attainable.Juvéderm® facial fillers can help to not only smooth out wrinkles that start toappear around the mouth, they can also make your lips appear fuller, morenoticeable and appear more balanced in line with your face.

By filling yourmarionette lines, a smoother look in line with your skin can be attained. By fillingthe bar lines surrounding your mouth, you can attain a younger appearance thatis natural. By adding volume to the different areas, after consulting with yourconsultant, Juvéderm® can bring you the natural looking enhancement you areeagerly awaiting. 


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