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  When comparing major technology companies in todays societythere is no way you can ignore the huge impact Apple has on the world. From laptops,desktops, tablets and cell phones Apple has dominated in every field.

They havea continuous fan base that holds them to a high standard when it comes to whenit comes to their electronics. But, for company to have long standing successthey must understand that the needs of their customers are just as important asthe needs of their employees.Apple has always been committed making their companymore appealing to their customers but a place where their employees enjoyworking by ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility worldwide.  Placing guidelines on working conditions andthe treatment of their employees has proved beneficial in stopping unethicalpractices among their global suppliers . Below are the following ways Apple continuesto hold high standards in regards to their take on supplier responsibility.  Empowering WorkersHumanResource development is a key factor in making sure your employees are skilledand feel they are achieving their goals at your company.

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Apple believes thatempowering their workers and tending to their needs are the basics to a successfulcompany.  By providing education and developmentprograms free of charge they can provide more than two hundred thousand workerswith various courses in English and Economics with their Supply EmployeeEducation and development program establish in 2008.  Labor and Human RightsToguarantee basic human rights are adhered the company requires that all of theirsupplier treat its workers fairly and ethical in all instances. All supplierswho do business with Apple are required and trained to be committed inprotecting the rights of their employees. Some if the companies within Applehave a maximum 60-hour work week which cuts down on exhaustion and unfair treatment. Apple also makes an effort to provideclear concise guidelines on what sexual harassment, involuntary employment andthings of that matter so employees are aware of their rights.

 Health and Safety Toaddress the health and safety concerns in their oversea facilities Apple launchedthe Supplier Environment Health and Safety Academy. This eighteen-month programprovides training and education about workplace safety and health management. Thecompany also conducts audits and works with professionals on identifying potentialhigh-risk facilities. This helps with detecting what ways the workplace needsto be upgraded. Besides making sure suppliers use environmentally safe businessprocesses they have also worked with a company to launch a Clean Water Program.

It was started to help reduce water usage, prevent illegal water pollutionwithin the supply chain.   The Environment Poweringninty six percent of their facilities with renewable energy like wind and solarare just one way Apple goes green. They are also working on closing the loop intheir supply chain which can reduce the amount of product sent to landfillsafter production. They have identifief 44 items used for their products tha vanbe reclycled instead of thrown away. They have also done a great job in reducingthe toxins that their product can produce.  AccountabilityHolding suppliers accountable a very complex taskwhen dealing with a company such as able due to them operating on a globalscale.  . Apple sporadically findthemselves in situations such as their problem with Foxconn because of poor andunmonitored policies.

They revealed that there have been instances withinFoxxvonn where interns were working almost eleven hour days at a time.  By providing yearly Supplier ResponsibilityProgress reports Apple takes accountability by the horns by vocally expressing whatthey expect from their employees and suppliers and how they met their mark forthat year. They constantly take ownership for the many case they have comeacross and provided tangible solutions and programs to resolve the issues.  After reviewing Apple Company, it is evident thatthe company has made necessary changes in their conduct that coincide with   thechanging issues in our society. Despite all the negative attention that the company may get from time to time, the level of commitment fromApple guarantee that it maintains a highlyethical and socially responsible company is one reason the company has had long-term success.

Consumers are now spending money with companies who arebeneficial to our society therefore, having a good reputation with customerservice and a green thumb is a requirement for today’s competitive market. IfApple continues performing strict audits with their global suppliers and maintainthe accountability in regard to the code of conduct, their reputation willremain as one of the worlds best electronic companies ever. 


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