what’s one of the main ways I used

what’s up youtube this is KTM and it’sthe video all you’ve been waiting forwell at least some of you anywho I’mgoing to talk about how I KTM haveamassed over 3.9 million coins well alot of it had to do with hitting 10 megajackpots over the course of severalmonths I’d say a majority of ass to dowith that but how are you going to getthere that’s what we’re gonna go throughtoday now one of the main ways I used inorder to Camille Kimi they accumulateaccumulate coins let’s do the datachallenge every single day it only takeslike three minutes and I did it everyday it’s a great way to accumulate coins500 first day 750 the second day 10 50thday three day four 1500 every dayeasy peasy squeezy lemon peasy coinsnext two main way I got coins was to goon runs without using power-ups thatscore booster or the head start becauseI wanted to save this and I would dothis on my lunch break I would do thisanytime I had free time which was veryrare but I still did it and I wouldn’tuse any hoverboards I would justpractice this was helping me get myskill set down and you I would alsocollect a mystery box every run – justlike you just saw there which added morecoins to the stack so yeah so we’regoing to fast forward a bit I’m gonnaget 2 million without using anyhoverboards and see how many coinsthat’s roughly worth alright well I feellike a scrub because I my run ended at300,000 points but you know that’s coolso yeah like if you go that far you’redefinitely gonna get a mystery box andlet’s see if we get a bag of coins sweetwe had a bag coins another 243 coinsawesome just in this example and forthis run we collected fourteen hundredand fifty points for so yeah I did thata lot when I first was starting toaccumulate coins definitely recommend ityou might be asking yourself wow KTM youjust showed me two main ways ofaccumulating keys coins accumulatingcoinswhat should I spend those coins on thatI have accumulated akima deliberatedaccumulatedI’ll tell you right now you’re gonnawant to go to the shop and max out allyour power-ups see look I’m full I’mfooling all of them pull pull don’t be afool and get full that was a great jokeWow great jokethe two main upgrades you’re gonna wantto upgrade first to the max are probablygoing to be your coin magnet in yourjetpack because those are the twopower-ups that help you accumulate evenmore coins over time like the coinmagnet increase the duration of the coinmagnet powerup which means you get tograb extra coins for longer the jetpackincrease the duration of the spray-canjackpot powerup which means you’re goingto be in the sky you keep waiting evenmore coins than you would if that barwas down there you know what I’m sayingyou know what I’m saying next mostimportant is probably your supersneakers and then your 2x multiplayerwhen it comes to collecting coins yes sofocus on maxing out those power-ups andsave your coins for those things firsttrust me the characters can come laterthe board’s can come through later sonow that you’ve accumulated accumulatedsay 150,000 coins what are you going todo well on terrific Tuesdaywhen there’s a 900,000 coin jackpotavailable you’re gonna buy mystery boxeswhat’s up guys this is KTM and it’sterrific Tuesdaygoing for a mega jackpot let’s check itout we gotta buy mystery boxes for achance of 900,000 coins let’s do itbudget yourself start out with 150thousand coins pledged yourself to lose50,000 do that every terrific Tuesdayand when you hit it when you hit thatfirst jackpot it’s gonna be great myfirst jackpot I knew that the subwaysurfer game changed foreverinsert flashback no stupidsmudge 900,000 coinsthey’ll be pretty sweet add to mycollection of 200 and you yeah and thenafter you get that first one they justkeep rolling in well at least for me I’ma lucky guy so what do you guys think ofthis the strategy that I used tohumilate all dem coins tell me aboutyour main ways of collecting coins onthe subway surfer app I know that Imissed a few but put them in the commentsection I’ll give them a thumbs up sothat other people can see them alrightguys thanks for watching have a good day


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