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What’s wrong with the school system? What can we do to fix it?

Hello, my name is Kael. Today we will be talking about school, and is it really helpful? if not what’s wrong with it? And what can we do to fix it? Yes of course school does help, we learn how to write, we learn how to read etc but what don’t we learn? And what subjects are we forced to learn that aren’t practically useful in most peoples lives? Now, don’t get me wrong, Teachers are not the problem, teachers are just the gears of a machine of which they have no control of, the problem is, that machine is broken and it must be fixed FAST. There are many things we learn in school that aren’t entirely useful, yes introduce these topics but these students should CHOOSE to learn these topics. 

I appreciate what school is trying to do, but it’s not doing it right. We aren’t being taught everything we need to learn and we are also being taught things that we don’t need to learn. But most of all everybody learns at different paces yet all students are forced to TRY to keep up with everyone else. Some students may take a day to learn a subject while others may take a week but we all are forced to learn at the same pace even if we don’t understand. They are like the weak wolves trying to keep up with the pact. Like blank

Secondly we are taught things that aren’t entirely important to everyone such as calculus, biology, physics and more but we aren’t taught wha we should be taught such as how to pay tax, we didn’t learn first aid, and we didn’t learn how to get a job. There’s more but that Would be an endless eternal list but those are the subjects we should and need to learn, now this has been talked about before, and the solution is always simple, that’s the parents job to  teach them, They say it’s not the kids, the parents are the problem then if you taught the kids to parent that’s the problem solved then


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