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What do you think that caused the misunderstanding between North and South?Irvin: “Well in my opinion both sides, Confederates and even us  the Union had no clue about what is coming, and what the war will be like.

We sensed the war as a short battle, not one knew that it will result in such bloodshed.”That seems so impressive, may I ask why do you think happened so?Irvin: “I don’t know if rumors tell something about what the soldiers and precisely recruits were imaging the war will be like. However, I indeed heard what kind of thoughts were spreading among soldiers. Not one soldier was told of reality at its rawest. We were not prepared for the reality, our troops were acting like heroic soldiers.

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” What do you think of performance of our freshly elected President Abraham Lincoln? Irvin: “Ought to be completely sincere there, he didn’t know much about the war either. He stuck too much to his political view and tremendous connections he possesses. Nevertheless, he should have listened to the most knowledgeable, General Winfield Scott. Lincoln wasn’t far from the truth, however, General Winfield certainly has a better idea of what the war will look like, precisely from the war aspect.”Do you think that this bloodshed was the last battle or a beginning of something much greater? Irwin: “Well, in order to end a war one side has to give up, and we are certainly not giving up, neither is the other side. No matter what kind of event will emerge, no matter at what cost, it will not infuriate anyone.”Do you think that we learned something from this very battle? Irvin: “As I said earlier, many of our soldiers were acting heroic.

We also had a lot of recruits many of whom have now a small perception of what is it like to be in a war. It isn’t indeed easy, but we are managing. The fun part was now eliminated and taken out of their minds. I’m pretty positive that I won’t be hearing much laugh after this.”


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