Like influence by geographical and economic characteristics

Like the cultures of most regions of the world, the French culture is greatly influence by geographical and economic characteristics of the country. For example, France’s fertile soil has played a large role in the country’s reputation as a world culinary centre. The country’s extensive coastal areas on the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, and Mediterranean Sea, have played a significant role in making shipping and fishing important parts of the country’s economy. These factors combined with a relatively less dense population[1] enabled France to become a wealthy country from the Middle Ages onwards. Although most of this wealth before the French Revolution in 1789 was concentrated in the crown, a significant wealthy class had also developed in France.

The French monarchs in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries (like the papacy in Rome) used part of their wealth to patronize art and artists on a large scale. This attracted many of Europe’s talented artists to Paris, making it theMecca’ of art and gave rise to a rich French culture. Wealth also resulted in the creation of a leisure class, which had both the time and the means for developing elegance in dress, manners, furnishings, and architecture. (“France,” A world minus French culture would be deprived of one of the world’s most varied literature noted for its profound examination of human society and the individual’s place within society.

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There would be no literary movements in the world called dada, surrealism, existentialism, theater of the absurd, the new novel, and postmodernismâ€"all 20th century literary styles led by French artists. We would be unaware of the innovative and enlightening works of the great French poets such as Franzois Villon[2] and Arthur Rimbaud,[3] influential philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau and Voltaireâ€"whose writings in theAge of Enlightenment’ ins..


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