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In March 1917 Russia was an autocracy, a political system favouring unlimited authority by a single individual. It was the crucial events that took place during this period of history that would change many people's lives. It was the uniting of the peasants, workers, and middle class with the Tsar's own army and the many other long-term reasons such as the lack of real change after 1905 revolutions. It was inevitable that Russia was to go the way it did. There are many short and long term reasons for the revolution in March 1917, which we will examine.

One of the long-term causes of the revolution in 1917 was that there were poor conditions for the workers in the towns because the peasants who worked in the factories mainly came in the winter. This was because it was the time of the year when it was hard for them to make money out of their land. This meant there was no permanent housing made for them and they mainly slept in the street. Foreigners started most of the industry this was because the Tsar sent letters to people in Britain asking them to invest money in the factories, and this is exactly what they did. The foreigners treated the workers with no respect giving poor wages, no housing, and the government allowed this because they didn't want to upset them with reforms. This created an overall bad hygiene and sanitary in the streets.

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The peasants, who made up 75% of the population, had no chance of land ownership. A law had been passed that they couldn't buy land and so therefore had to form communes which made the peasants have no incentive as they would have to share the profits and many were apathetic because they didn't see the point in getting up early to work on the land when others did nothing. The conditions were also harsh, there was the grain tax, and abuse of alcohol because the farmers made their own alcohol from the potatoes that they most commonly grew on their land and so it became a.


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