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What is your Discord user?Sae10#8037 is my discordPreferred server?FactionsWhat is your timezone?Currently living in PST, Washington/Seattle area.

Do you have Discord?YesAny past punishments?No, I have not had any past punishments, nor am I planning to.Past experiences?Well, I am now able to communicate and help calm down some situations, I have quite a bit of Moderator experience, but I needed to work on my communication skills which I have improved. I will also use my best judgement when handing out punishments. I can also easily go from having no knowledge of fixing/using plugin commands and basic coding, to being able to fix most stuff, and help with some coding and more complicated tasks (which will take time) I also did run a server back in 2013 called McEnchantCraft (it soon failed a year after, due to staff dissolving and quitting, it wasn’t a big server.

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) I was also a Moderator on the server AerionRaids for a couple of months, I can provide a referral if needed.Why do you want to become a staff memberThe reason I want to become staff on this server is that I love helping out people, especially the owners knowing how much they have on their plate sometimes. I usually help out the owners by beta testing some stuff that is gonna be soon added. I think when someone is hacking, cursing or being abusive, that players should have someone to rely on to stop what the toxic players are doing, such as staff. I can be a very active player that can oversee most things, and help out when needed. I usually help out new players, but I want to help them beyond giving them money, I want to be active with them, communicating, and fixing any problems they have and report those problems to the owners. I’m willing to put in time to help the owners, and server get to where it needs to be by helping out, and keeping new players in-game, and donating.

Being an active player on the server means I will usually see some things that go unseen by most staff when they are offline, and it really urks me that I can’t do anything about it. I want to keep this server fun and clean place for everybody on the server.Why should we choose you over anyone else?I think you should choose me over everyone else because I can easily adapt to changing situations, I can do basic dev commands, I also will put in the time to help with server builds, and I can be a Moderator and dish out fair punishments, help players and be active on the server to keep it clean. I’m on the server more than some staff, which is usually late night, I can be up monitoring chat throughout the day after school. I’m usually on most of the day chilling out, and I see some stuff that passes when no staff are on, which bothers me a lot. I can be a very active, great addition to the staff team that can monitor the server most of the day. I have also learned what it is to be a fair, active, staff member in a server.

I can try to become well known throughout the player base of the server, and I can be trusted by most, despite being staff, I can be a very good player that can blend in with the community. I’m also very motivated to help out players in the server, help out with stuff that relates to the server also , and fix broken relationships with players to be a very nice person overall. I also know what most hacked clients have, and what it looks like when players are hacking and exploiting, I will use my best judgement to punish those players also.Anything else?I can put in alot of time if needed into this server, I also have a mic, and am ready to VC whenever needed.


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