When speech and freedom to write and believe

When I see a flag blowing in the breeze, or I see a crowd of thousands standing with their hands to their hearts while the National Anthem plays, I always shiver.

I just stand there in awe that so few could sacrifice so much for so many. And that is what the flag represents to me, and as I believe it also means I have always been an American citizen in agreement with thefirst amendment, giving us the freedom of speech and freedom to write and believe whatever we choose, as long as it is not infringing on someone else rights. But I also agree with the flag amendment that puts a law in place making it wrong for the American flag to be vandalized. The flag represents the dream of one and all Americans. The dream to live free, to accomplish one’s goals without fear of an overbearing government. The dream to have rights, and the dream to control one’s own fate and fortune. Burning the flag to demonstrate freedom of speech is hypocritical. The flag represents that very right to freedom of speech.

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Burning it is destroying the respect for that right. Since the beginning of this nation, millions have fought and died, on whatever the battlefield or over whatever law, for this nation. Not for themselves, but for those who wanted a better future for their children, and who were willing to sacrifice anything for the freedom that we often do not take into account today. Imagine not being able to speak out against the government.

Or not being able to organize protest groups. Imagine having soldiers sectored into your houses and not being able to practice the religion of your choice. It’s hard to comprehend, because we are so used to these freedoms, we have become unaware to the fact that we could loose them, or that we even had to fight to receive them. When you burn a flag, I see it as you are choosing to disrespect or ignore the sacrifices and the achievements of the patriots and .


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