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How to explain that working in group could have caused a civilization to become more advanced? Well the civilization in question for centuries, even millennia the Mesopotamian culture has been considered one of thefirst civilizations. But, the question has risen, is their proof that Mesopotamia was a civilization? Do we have concrete evidence to support the fact? Well, we have to analyze the culture point by point. Did it have organized government and religion? Did it have an actual writing system? Was its social class organized? Did it have diversified labor? Ok, let's take it from the top. Writing and division of labor, two of the basic necessities of any civilized place in the world. Mesopotamia was considered a civilization because it had writing and division of labor. Proof? First off, many tablets have been found with thousands of wedge shaped marks, which after much study have been deemed as cuneiform, the basic writing system of the Mesopotamians. But if we actually think about it, Mesopotamia or "the land between the rivers" is thought by many to be the birthplace of what we know today as civilized life.

The fact alone that the Mesopotamians were able to survive in the unforgiving land between the rivers says much about the strength and adaptability of this civilization and then they were also thefirst civilization that used arithmetic to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. But based on this definition can one say that is was a truly great civilization? The answer is yes, the many scientific, political and social advances brought about by the people of Mesopotamia overshadow any reservations one might have about calling Mesopotamia a "great civilization"….

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