Women Tomblin portrays the role that women played

Women played an important role in helping the United States come home with a victory.World War II created a surplus of positions that the women needed to fill when their fathers, husbands, brothers, or sons left to serve their country.Maureen Honey, author of Creating Rosie the Riveter, discusses the role that propaganda played in mobilizing women during the wartime efforts.1In the book, G.

I. Nightingales, Barbara Brooks Tomblin portrays the role that women played as nurses during World War II.2The third book, American Women in World War II by Doris Weatherford, accounts for the diverse roles that women participated in, such as in industry, home front, and military.3These three books depict the roles of women during World War II and examine the effects of World War II on their lives.

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Maureen Honey, the author of Creating Rosie the Riveter, earned her bachelors, masters, and PhD at Michigan State University.Her professional areas of specialty include the early twentieth-century American women writers, especially Harlem Renaissance, women in World War II, and popular culture.As a professor of women's studies and English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Honey regularly teaches courses such as Images of Women in Popular Culture, Twentieth-century Women Writers, Seminars in Edith Wharton, and Diverse Women Writers 1900-1930.Honey continues to do work on women in World War II by working with some New York documentary makers on women war correspondents from that time period.Honey published an essay on feminine magazine fiction from the 1920's in a volume called Forgotten Feminisms in 2003.

Honey recently published Bitter-Fruit: African American Women in World War II.4Maureen Honey's long list of published pieces provides her with some credibility in her work on World War II because she has published several books that focus on women.This could also present some biases because Honey primarily foc…

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