What article was written is unknown, that

is plagiarism? I would like to define it according to Walden University (n.d.) as
an act of using or closely replicate the language and thoughts of another
author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as
one’s own without a due crediting to the original author. Plagiarism could be
in the form of paraphrasing, quoting an author directly or describing another
author’s idea, and all these can be tagged plagiarism as long as the source is
not credited or acknowledged (American Psychological Association, 2010, p.
170). There is also what is called self-plagiarism. According to American
Psychological Association (2010), it is the “practice of presenting one’s previously
published work as though it is new” (p. 170).

are specific actions that characterized plagiarism, in general, such as; stating
other author’s ideas without being thoroughly processed or highlighting the
originality. Also when what other said is not explicitly cited; even if one’s thoughts
are mix with what others have said, this should be identified
and mentioned. Another thing that characterized plagiarism is changing a few words of the original sentences; this is when
the words and the structure of the original sentences are modified which
invariably changes the content that is being paraphrased (IParadigms, LLC.
2017). Lastly, when not sure who the author of the page is, where the source
through which the information is gathered and the time when the article was
written is unknown, that is; inability to determine the credibility of the
source, this in most cases applies to the source on the web. So getting all
this information right is an essential step in avoiding plagiarism.

plagiarisms is a crucial point if not the first step to avoid practicing it.
The following are other guidelines to follow to accomplish this. One should
have academic integrity which includes accurate citing of the source material
used, avoidance of educational frauds which could be in the form of using
other’s opinions, views, or insights as one’s or paraphrasing another author’s
characteristics, metaphor and or another literary device without proper
acknowledgment. (Laureate Education (Producer), 2012f).  Scholars can avoid plagiarism by less practice
of direct quotes, the inclusion of page or paragraph number and lastly, always
use author with date citation.

conclusion, the awareness of the penalty apportions for any student here in
Walden that violate the code of plagiarism according to Walden’s Student Code
of Conduct could be a great help. According to Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (2002), punishment
is one of the crucial features of any developed legal system. Avoiding
the consequences of violating this code would be a check for me to become more professional in scholarly writing
skills at all cost and establish an ethical writing culture as I pursue my


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