What community service, internships, or experience in

What personal experiences have prepared you to work with underserved populations, such through community service, internships, or experience in rural, frontier, tribal or federal pipeline programs?
I have documented an array of lessons that have helped me develop the understanding of the problems that our communities face in the underserved populations. I have experienced the atmosphere of the underserved by working with and volunteering among the poverished. Many of the individuals have low literacy, live in poverty, live in environments that are polluted, run down and work in jobs with minimum wage. Many are single –parent households or the grandparents are raising the kids, foster home, adopted children. You may still find many two-parent households but they just don’t make enough.
People either of this country or another country because of their dire need of health care. It has come through on my observations that many people are more willing to help those on foreign soil than that of the needs of our people in our own communities. Yes, there are countries with little to none drinking water yet we have water and the resources to make it clean, yet the underserved go without because of greed, personal opinions and uncaring individuals.
Individuals usually have a predetermined mindset from how they are raised, their environment, friends, or what they see on t.v., and even how other people have reacted in the same situation. Advice are non-compliant, “There may be financial, social, physical, or cultural reasons why individuals do not follow the advice given.
The experiences that I had with helping out other underserved people because their population is always increasing the underserved population in this country has a very limited access to health care, it would seem like they would need your help the most. These people’s lives can be dramatically improved. The world is a judgmental place. Working with patients with various diseases. Just because they have a disease or a condition, doesn’t give anyone the right to treat them any differently or without care. Underserved populations are exactly that! These human beings have been overlooked. Our people need the help and attention. Too many are not only afraid to speak up but afraid about where life has brought them.
People don’t realize that they could be in the same situations in the future, that the people in these communities are facing at this moment.


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