What of exacto knives, sharpening tools for the

What are tiki masks?Tiki masks are hand carved wooden masks that were used to stand for deities, to protect their users from evil spirit or even to increase the mask wearers ‘fertility and luck. They served many purposes, both in the privacy of people’s homes and in everyday life.When were they created?They were created in the 1930’s.Who created tiki masks?Tiki was the first man who created the tiki masks.

Why were they created?To protect their users from evil spirit or even to increase the mask wearers ‘fertility and luck.Describe the aesthetics (appearance) of Tiki masks. You should mention the key features commonly found in Tiki mask designs. How did they create them? What materials and tools were used to create them.

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To make tiki masks they use various types of exacto knives, sharpening tools for the blades and a bristle brush to remove the wood shavings. They use pieces of wood and what they do is they carve out the shape of one of the gods in their religion. They start with easy cuts such as small and smooth grooves and then they start putting all the texture to make it look realistic.Original Tiki Mask Use One example of an original Tiki mask and describe its purpose.

This tiki mask represents the god called kane. According to their religion he created the first man from clay. The purpose of this tiki mask is to help the people remember their religion and to follow it correctly and it helps the area become safer from the evil spirits.Displaced Tiki mask Use One example of a modern Tiki mask and describe its purpose.This is how people see modern day tiki masks.

It shows how the people still follow their religion and keep their religion closer and wherever they go because they are constantly leaving to different areas to get food that might not be safe. Show your understanding How do Tiki masks link to: The statement of inquiry?They are based on the same topic we are working on.The Global Context?It shows how the culture shows their expression and their knowledge on their religion.What elements of the Tiki Mask design do you intend to include in your own artwork?In my tiki mask work I need to add line, texture, colour, value, and form.


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