It can back-track the cause of the

It has been said that the American Revolution was a direct result of the French and Indian War.Throughout this essay, this statement can be provenby a line of supportive occurrences such as the acts, taxes, laws, and drastic events that the colonists suffered from and enduredfirst-hand that can back-track the cause of the revolution (proving, again, that the war debts from the French and Indian War directly raised conflict that would build up through the years). Tensions immediately start to build in the colonies right after the “7 Years War”, or the French and Indian War.Before hand, the American Colonies had just begun to somewhat prosper from comfort of the distant of the monarchical rule of Great Britain when everything ran right into conflict; they had started to improve economically and politically.Indirectly what led to the American Revolution after the French and Indian War (which ignited a ‘spark’ or ‘resistance’ in the colonists) was based on this unique American character and the lack of understanding which the British Government or Parliament had for it. After the French and Indian War, England was heavily in debt.This was the most that they had ever been in debt in their history.

Two years before the end of the war King George II died, and his grandson George III became king.King George III was a great “control freak” considering his obsessive need for governing power. Even when the king had administered officers and officials to regulate the colonists, he felt an even more desire to “stir things up.” Even though Parliament had seldom interfered (except to pass the Acts of Trade and Navigation, laws relating to finance, and laws prohibiting or limiting certain colonial manufacturing),the attempt it had taken to raise money in the colonies by certain acts placed it with the restrictive legislation and dictators administrators.This forced Americans, for thefirst time, to express their con.

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