What falls into public domain that means that

What is the impact of Copyright on designers?We know that copyright is the right to control and exploit creative works as well as protect any work accept under circumstances, your work is owned by you in the moment it was established in any type of expressions so in knowing this anything a designer creates they have become the author to their design. Designers are not able to copyright certain things like calendars, symbols and much more.

an example of this is titles and names because copyright does not extend to titles and names as well as slogans or short phrases used to identify work. Copyright is designed to protect works of authorship, but not designed to protect how works are identified in a marketplace, the same goes for people and places. Also short paraphrases rarely meet the requisites towards creativity therefore they are not considered copyright protection. We know that copyright is identified in so many places, photos, videos, designs etc.

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and it is good to have because it legally protects any authors works but it is also not as good if something goes wrong. Many designers try looking for inspiration. The cruel honesty is whether inspiration has become transformed where new design has now become “original” rather than “derived”. For design to be classified as copyright it must meet the requirements in having been original, having some definite expression, and lastly having some sort of creativity. In design derivative work is based on one or more already existing works.

So we know that anything can be a design and designers also work with fixing what has already been made accept to make it better, examples could be novels or plays, translations, musicals, etc. and so copyright only covers additions/changes of derivative works as protection does not extend to preexisting materials like published works or registered why, because if it falls into public domain that means that the work is no longer protected by copyright which derivate work will not prevent anyone from using the same works for another derivative work. We also know that public domain means that once works are out in the open anyone can get too the works and do whatever they please with it.

So for any designers that have works out into the public domain they are able to show their works and get praised by having fans, more designers, etc. having public domain can seek creativity, ambitious individuals from all around the world. If these works are dedicated to the public domain then this means that they are free and welcomed to use and if they are not then that either means that it was forgotten or the designers didn’t mind. We also have fair use which is defined as using ones work without asking for permission.

We see a lot of fair use now a days with videos on youtube when you scroll through and you find parody’s, the purpose in those videos are to make people become pleased or just creating laughter out of their days, for fun. Not only is it used for humor but it is also used for educational purposes for students to use. Fair use also teaches respect to those artists who have created the works for good use of quality work to put out there. If designers used any work without asking for permission from the artist we know that there will be consequences.

An example of fair use would have to be when you use someone else’s logo, image or the exact same sound as music and you reclaimed it as your own sending it out towards people, the consequences would be paying a large fee to the artist who actually made the work because you are taking their hard work and creation and simply calling it yours which is not good. So through out all of this there is so much that we don’t all understand but takingsteps is a way to accomplish these little goals. This I believe is a great impact in designers, copyright, derivative works, public domains and fair use. Works CitedMagdala. How does the law of copyright affect web publishers and what problems have they encountered? Accessed Nov 8, 2017 http://www.webdesignstuff.co.

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