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As a matter of fact, they demand attention, impel action, and make a strong case for the purchase of the product or service. Therefore, if selling points are emphatically stated or pointed out, potential buyers are automatically attracted to purchase a product or service. Thus, these are the trade tools or the controlling points for a salesman and, if handled properly, it helps the salesman sell more. Selling points, as a matter of fact, are hidden secrets of a product which the customers are not aware of. Generally, buyers are aware of the general features of the given products. It is the salesman who points out the specific selling points of products and services to the potential buyers.

Therefore, it is advantageous for the salesman to-be well versed with the selling points and utilise the same judiciously in clinching sales. However, selling points should be used discriminately and tactfully. The selling points should be used to appeal the motives of the consumers depending on the situation. In fact, appropriate selling points should be used at appropriate places. Only unique and uncommon selling points need to the emphasized because in this age of communication revolution, most of the buyers are aware of certain common and general features of products and services. According to L.P. Herrold, ‘selling points are facts which are instrumental in overcoming sales resistance which an article meets in the market.

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They are specific facts which cause people to demand-one particular article in reference to all others in the same general class. They are specific facts which impel action. They may be statements about the manufacturer, the marketing and distribution of the product. They may be facts about the history of the articles.’ Thus, it is clear from the above definition, that selling points are gathered from the feature of the goods, methods of production, nature of production, nature of organisation, its policies and so on. The common selling points which are generally used are attractive packages, low price, discount sales, special selling terms, longer guarantee and warranty period, durability, latest design, labour saving, comfort, technical superiority, etc. Above all, selling points differ from product to product and it is up to the salesman to use specific selling points to suit specific situations.


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