Where as an indigent person has to be

Where such security has been furnished and deposit made, the court will declare the appeal admitted, give notice thereof to the respondent, transmit to the Supreme Court under the seal of the Court a correct copy of the said record and give to either party authenticated copies of any of the papers in the suit on his paying the reasonable expenses incurred in preparing them. On May 3, 1982, the Supreme Court abolished the practice of depositing security for admission of petitions. A petition for special leave to appeal as an indigent person has to be made to the Supreme Court.

The High Court has no power to grant such leave. Such petition shall be accompanied by an affidavit from the petitioner stating that he is not possessed of property worth Rs. 1,000/- other than the property exempt from attachment in execution of a decree and his interest in the subject-matter of the intended appeal and that he is unable to provide sureties and pay court fees, and also by a certificate of counsel that the petitioner has reasonable ground of appeal. The other rules relating to appeals by indigent persons as provided in the Code apply mutatis mutandis to petitions for special leave to appeal as an indigent person.

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