Avoid an agency, the selling organisation is

Avoid High Cost: Advertising is necessarily a highly specialised job.

Highly skilled and talented pools of professionals are needed to undertake the job of advertising on efficient lines. In case the job of advertising is undertaken by the advertiser itself, it has to maintain a pool of highly skilled professional on its payroll. It may lead to the high cost of advertising for the advertiser. In case of outside advertising agency, the high cost of employing skilled professionals is spread over several clients or advertisers. This automatically reduces the cost per client.

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More specifically, small advertisers who cannot afford to maintain an advertising department, find the use of outside agency services economical and convenient. Get Timely Professional Service: Advertising agencies usually employ experts from various fields like copywriting, art, designing, market research, photography, etc. By seeking the services of an agency, the selling organisation is able to get expert services in the respective fields, at affordable cost. Further, the advertisement can be prepared and inserted by the advertising agency at the most appropriate time. Most Suitable Media: Advertising agencies, because of their professional approach, generally have an unbiased view of the advertising problems of their clients. They are in close contact with various advertising media in terms of their reach, coverage, cost, on the one hand and the exact need and requirement of the advertiser, on the other.

Hence, they are in a position to choose the most appropriate media for each of their clients. Keeping in view, the specific needs and objectives of each advertisement, such agencies can easily recommend the most suitable media. Less Cost: Usually, advertising agencies are paid commissions by media owners. For the service of buying advertising space and time in the media, the advertisers do not pay anything to the advertising agency. As a result, the agencies are able to get space and time cheaply from each and every media as compared to the advertisers who buy space on their own from the media owners. Therefore, the ultimate cost of advertising through advertising agencies for the selling organisation, is comparatively less. Additional Services: Modern advertising agencies also offer many other services to their clients, besides undertaking the job of advertising. They often provide services like designing the packet or label, imparting sales training, planning window display, preparation of publicity material, and so on.

These additional services are provided at a cheaper rate and sometimes even free of cost by the advertising agencies. Market Research: Because of their constant dealings with the market and availability of competent and expert staff, market research activities undertaken by advertising agencies are pin-pointed and accurate and hence can be relied upon. At times, such agencies are able to provide expert advice with regards to demerits of products and services, problems of marketing of specific product or service, choice, taste and liking of customers and so on, to the manufacturers and dealers. All these contribute significantly in enhancing and sharpening the marketing efforts of the manufacturers and dealers. Wide Choice: In case it is observed that the services provided by a particular advertising agency are poor or unsatisfactory, the company or the advertiser can easily terminate the services of such an agency and opt for another. Therefore, the jobs of advertising routed through advertising agencies have considerable flexibility.

However, it is quite difficult and sometimes impossible to wind up an ineffective advertising department of the organisation for several reasons.


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