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In brief, they are reflections of sense of right and wrong, our character and: more importantly our spirituality, when the world around us may spin out of control. Whenever in a , a clear sense of values and ethical standards, hold us in good Values are the codes, accepted principles or standards, we live by in civil and just society.

We use them to guide our interaction with our friend’s families and in our professional life also. However, it is important to that values may differ from person to person and Nation to but principles are universal i.e. they do not change. Values are the foundation stones of a sound moral character. An individual, who leads his life based on his value system, will never stumble in his life and all his decisions, even during times of difficulty, would be rational and wise. They would be his guiding principles and give him clarity of thought and vision. The confusion in dilemma, which one faces during decision nuking, would be smoothened and made easy.

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The fear of any consequences, which he may have to face, due to his decision, is also eliminated. Fearlessly, he would lead his life with his head held high with self respect, dignity and pride. Values make life easy to live and decrease conflicts and doubts. Values such as integrity, honesty, compassion, selflessness, and co-operation add to the personality of a person and make him a better human being. It is important for each one of us to know our values and behave in a way i.e. consistent with them.

Albert Einstein had rightly said Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of values’. Whenever we are confronted with the question, how do I solve my problem? We will get the answer by falling back on our values. The clouds of conflict will give 1 to clarity as we derive strength from within, making the solution-easy. Value are virtues, ideals and qualities on which actions and beliefs are bas they shape our outlook, attitudes and conduct. Values can be innate or acquired. Innate values are inborn while acquire are assimilated from our environment.

Divine virtues such as love, peace happiness, mercy and compassion as well as positive moral qualities us as respect, humility, tolerance, responsibility, co-operation, honesty simplicity are innate. Acquired values are those adopted at the place of birr or place of growth and are influenced by immediate environment. Exam of acquired values are dress, cultural customs, traditions, habits tendencies.

God said that the task of every human being is to build a better world and Man asked “How can I do it? The world is such a large, vast place, i complicated now, and I am so small and useless, there is nothing, I can do.” But God in his great wisdom said ‘Just build a better you’. A better you i be built only when you have a strong value system and lead your life accordance with it. Thus, never question the role of values in your life, without values would become unbearable and we would be groping in the dark.


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