(a) done. (e) Office for vice-principal, supervisor,

(a) A general reception room for visitors. (b) Office space with a special counter behind which clerk/s can sit and carry on with their work.

(c) Storage space with filing cabinets for stationery, files and other administrative and educational supplies. (d) A room with equipment like a cyclostyling machine and/or a Xerox machine where cyclostyling and duplicating can be done. (e) Office for vice-principal, supervisor, counselors etc. (f) A room where confidential or other important records can be maintained either electronically or traditionally. Better co-ordination of a school’s activities can be maintained if the school office is situated near the principal’s office, staff room and library. It is a place visited by teachers, students, parents as well as other outsiders.

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Hence, its location should be easily accessible and its appearance should be clean and attractive so as to create a favourable, good first impression. It should contain comfortable chairs, pleasing pictures and photographs of school’s activities and functions displayed on a flannel board. It would be a good idea to keep a table in a school’s office displaying school magazine, books written by the teachers or school’s publications, if any. This will help at lot in enhancing a school’s image and prestige.

Besides, the clerk in the office should answer visitor’s questions correctly, promptly and with polite courtesy.


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