He trained persons. 5. Refresher Training: Refresher

He is also informed about the policies, procedures and rules which are related to his work. The newcomer is also taken around the factory and informed about the location of various departments and offices. Orientation training helps him to acquaint himself with his immediate boss and the persons who will work under his command

2. On the Job Training:

It is an effective method of training the operative personnel. In this method the worker is trained on the job and at his work-place. He gets training under the same type of conditions in which he will be working later on.

The new worker is generally attached to a superior or a senior worker who will tell him the technique of doing that job. The success of this method will depend upon the quality of trainer.

3. Off-the-Job Training:

Off-the-job training consists of lectures, conferences, group discussions, case studies, programme instructions, etc. This method is generally used by government and public enterprises. A school or an institution is established to provide training to all types of persons. A programme of training is designed to suit the needs of jobs the trainees will occupy. Sometimes different courses are arranged for separate groups of employees.

4. Apprenticeship Training:

In apprenticeship training, a worker is attached to an experienced or senior worker. The period of apprenticeship is generally long, ranging from two to five years. The trainees are paid only nominal wages during training. This method of training is generally used in technical jobs. Machines, electricians, plumbers learn their jobs by working with trained persons.

5. Refresher Training:

Refresher training is helpful in acquainting personnel with latest improvements in their work.

The changing technological methods require fresh training to existing employees even if they are well trained or qualified. Everybody requires attending refresher courses to know the latest techniques of doing the work. Such training also helps in refreshing the memory of employees.


Vestibule Training:

The term vestibule training is used to impart training in a class room in the plant. The work meaning of ‘vestibule’ denotes a room between the outdoor and the interior of a building. It means that workers are trained at some place in the factory.


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