From closing there doors to.Many fortunes were

From all the way back to 1786 workers have been protesting about their pay, working conditions, and everything else that they do not agree with.American workers had to deal with lots ofproblems to keep there job.They had to worry about machines taking over or immigrants coming to America and taking there job for less pay. When the potato famine in Ireland happened everyone fled to the United States.

Americans were not happy about this.Now they had to fight for there job.Since the immigrants had to leave there job and start over they were willing to work for basically nothing.This lead the Americans to either lose there job or work for less then they already were.Americans looked upon the immigrants (or as they called it the greenhorns) as a pestilence dragging down living standards and working conditions. Large factories took over everything.Small craft shops had to go out of business and work in the larger factories. This made the working industry smarter because the American inventors were making labor-saving devices.

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This was the begging of the machine age.American workers started to hate the Machine age.They detested the mines, mills, plants and factories.The workers felt humiliated because they were brought down to a lower working level.This took away a mans pride of being a craftsman.

This lead to many strikes.The bosses used many weapons to crush these labor revolts.They refused to compromise on any of the workers demands.This was the way of the new order In the 1870's it was thefirst time wealth was attained by hundreds. This was the period of expanding businesses.On September 18, 1873 the important banker Jay Cooke plummeted into bankruptcy.

After this it was like a chain reaction of smaller banks closing there doors to.Many fortunes were lost and panic began to spread this started a 7 year depression.Within a short time over 4,000,000 men and women were jobless.Many .


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