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Beauty has always been portrayed as a positive characteristic. Most often when we think of something being described as beautiful, we immediately think of a human being. But of course, it can describe ANYTHING including jewelry, nature, or even music.

I'm sure we have all heard of the cliche, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This statement simply says that something or someone doesn't possess beauty, but looks beautiful. This stands true because if something or someone were beautiful, then it would remain beautiful to EVERYONE.

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We all know that there is no possibility that EVERYONE would agree that that same something or someone is beautiful to him or her. America focuses so much on beauty. It is a way of life for America. Some people rely on beauty to survive economically and emotionally.

There are beauty magazine's such as Teen or YM, endless shelves of beauty products like make-up and wrinkle remover in stores all over the country, and then there are even careers which are based upon looks themselves, such as modeling and acting. The ironic thing about beauty in America is that the most beautiful thing is the most un- natural thing. Nature is as natural as it gets and most would agree that nature is one of the worlds most beautiful things. In contrast musicians spend hours trying to look natural. They pay millions to have their hair done perfect and their make- up as well. Beauty pageant contestants use Vaseline to make their teeth shine and fake tanning products to make their skin a natural healthy shade.

Some even go as far as mutilating their body by getting nose jobs and breast implants. But I can not dissent this becaus! e beauty has created a market itself. It creates a lifestyle for many..

Entrepeneurs sellign make-up, self- tanning lotion, and hair products are making millions. I already mentioned models, musicians, and actors who are also making huge amoutns of money simply because they …

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