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What is America? Did this land of the free belong to the white settlers in the 1800's when theyfirst arrived or the Native Americans who cultivated here thousands of years ago?While hunting down the American dream, settlers have almost committed genocide to the Native American tribes around the country during the westward movement, sending the rest to low quality reservation lands.American's actions were unjust, cruel, and inconsiderate.If more unbiased attitudes were taken toward the Indians, the Indian culture would not have been as rare as today.I believe the action of drawing a permanent boundary between the Indian and American cultures could have stopped much bloodshed due to cultural diversity.

When the Americansfirst arrived on this continent, they were aided by the Native Americans, which eventually lead to the survival of the white settlers.Without the help of the Indians, Jamestown and Plymouth Rock never would have never populated, therefore, the white culture vanishing from North America.Now, 200 years after the settlement, the Americans have disregarded the importance of the Indian society and their help to the progression of white society.The Dawe's Act gave Indian land, which was originally theirs to begin with and urged the Indians to farm to survive.Without the knowledge of how to farm, the Indians had no choice but to sell off the land to whites that wanted lands. The Americans have twisted and spun ideas to drive Indians out of their land so the American government can expand their territories.Even though the Indians have weaker weaponry, it does not mean another civilization could come to their land, take what they want, and drive the original settlers out.Survival of the fittest is for the brute and unintelligent, instead of coming to a compromise with the race, the whites have almost destroyed them.

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By moving the Indians west, out of the American's way, they h…

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