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What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does Affiliate Marketing work?Affiliate Marketing is simply a marketing method in which you recommend other people’s products or services to potential buyers and you get rewarded (commission) for every saleachieved from the customers or potential buyer you refer. It’s more of a performance-based marketing because it does require you to do some level of pre-sell. Although, the method of your pre-sell is entirely up to you!The product owner is the vendor or merchant while the affiliate is you.Basically; you’re generating sales for the product owner in exchange for a commission that you get paid for each sale.NOTE:Depending on the type of Affiliate Marketing you signed up for (Online or offline); you would surely have an affiliate link (URL) dedicated to you, or a unique referrer number (if you’re promoting offline).Your affiliate link is what the vendor/merchant willuse in identifying the numbers of people you’re sending to their website as potential buyers.Also; your affiliate link is what you’ll be using to drive traffic to the vendor’s website.Who is Affiliate Marketing for?Affiliate Marketing is practically for anyone interested in making money online regardless of your age; in as much you’re ready to learn and take the required action.If you truly want to make money in Affiliate marketing; then, you just have to be willing and ready to learn how it works,and you’ll see yourself profiting from it in no time. Basically, Affiliate Marketing is a business model that provides you with endless opportunities!


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