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The Declaration of Independence was very important to President Lincoln and slaves because it was one of the many things used to helped the African Americans gain their freedom. It also helped Abraham Lincoln justify the abolition of slavery.

The Declaration of Independence was helpful to many people during the antebellum period, but helped Abraham Lincoln and the slaves the most. Many people that knew him felt if anyone could eliminate slavery he would be the one. This document signed on July 4, 1776 stated that everyone human has certain inalienable rights and freedoms. Many of the rights implied in the Declaration of Independence were being denied to African Americans. For example, being unjustifiably enslaved by another, taking away ones representation, and denying ones independence to manage their own affairs were just a few.

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The injustice of ignoring the application of these rights to African Americans gave great support to Abraham Lincoln in eliminating slavery based on the words of our Founding Fathers. One example of some of the injustices committed in the time of slavery was represented by a statement Lincoln was quoted as saying, “There was someone murdered almost everyday thanks to slavery, but no one had a trial for murdering a slave.”Right of a trial was one of many rights identify in the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution to help correct for injustices committed in our society. You can say the slaves were getting the same help Lincoln was– a true understanding of what the Declaration of Independence was about and how it applied to all men, not just a select few.

Therefore, Abraham Lincoln needed to abolish slavery to uphold the values of the Declaration of Independence and the slaves exemplify this. Without the Declaration of Independence, President Lincoln may not have had the justification to end slavery; even winning the Civil War might’ve not stopped slavery…


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