Large Atlantis”, and also of its destruction.The

Large groups of islands scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean. These islands were vastly greater than Libya and Asia Minor combined. One island in particular was considered to be the land of the gods, the source of power in the ancient world.

On this island the willows sway in the summer breeze; the sunlight dances on the crystal, blue waters, and the ravishing flowers sing their song of beauty, shamelessly taunting the Gardens of Babylon.This island of perfection was Atlantis.Atlantis was claimed to be the source of all religion, science, races, and civilizations.It was here that technology made itsfirst appearance in recordation.Ironically enough, nearly every source of its documentation was destroyed with the island itself.

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Yes, the land of Poseidon was destroyed, but how you ask?No one is completely sure of its destruction, or even of its existence, but many have a similar theory in which I believe as well.Solely based on my opinion, as well as previous knowledge, I'll try to explain this boggling mystery.What's very interesting to me is that every culture and religion has seemed to write their version of what we call the "Legend of Atlantis", and also of its destruction.The funny thing is, they all interrelate. Every version of their legends end with a cataclysmic catastrophe.This could only mean that if the island truly existed, then it's destruction was due to natural occurrence.

Ironic…maybe not.Nearly every holy text mentions the world's destruction through massive floods.These "myths and legends", as some would like to call them, could very well agree with science. Many theories suggest Atlantis existed during the Pleistocene Ice Age.

If these ideas are proven to be true, then the Bible and other holy writings may be incisively accurate.The Bible speaks of great flooding, and science proves its theory through the ice age.This ice a..


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