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The Theatre at Leptis Magna and the Pont Du Gard Essay: The Theatre at Leptis Magna, found on the North African Coast, and The Pont Du Gard in Nimes South of France, both outside of Rome. Are structures, which can clearly be identified as Roman structures by the use of certain features of the constructions, which are recognised as being Roman architectural traits. These traits not only give the structured a Roman identity but also withhold the presence and influence of the Roman control in the areas which they are situated. The Romans base the Theatre at Leptis Magna on a Greek design with a few adaptations in order to make it their own. Greek theatres were found to originally be; very open aired, using the surrounding countryside with the Cavea supported by slopes and a fully circular Orchestral pit. However the Theatre at Leptis Magna has a Roman touch with adaptations such as; being more enclosed with a very elaborate Scanefrons, and the Cavea being only partially supported by its surroundings and a semi-circular Orchestral Pit.

Unlike Greek Theatre's, The Theatre at Leptis Magna was not as open aired as either a shade awning or a wooden roof could be used to enclose the theatre. The awnings used by Romans were referred to as Velarium. A Velarium would be extended over the Cavea on a very hot day in order to protect the crowd and consequently increased the intimacy of the theatre and its experience. Similarly to the Velerium, wooden planks would be placed across the Odea, so that the performers and the audience were completely enclosed. Placed Behind the Stage is the Scanefrons or the Ornamental Backdrop.

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Initially the Scanefrons would be arranged in a series of three Asps; a large central Asp and two smaller Asps on either side and was made at a lower height than the Cavea. The Roman design of the Leptis Magna had a more elaborate Scanefrons made of a series of columns, with statues being placed in betwee…

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