What everything from refuge and immigration matters, to

What is vetting?  Vetting is the act of making a prior examination and critical appraisal of a person, document, scheme, and/or other.  There are three questions that are done when doing extreme vetting.  Why do we need extreme vetting?  What are the benefits of extreme vetting? Taking into consideration the benefits for citizens and for the government.Why do we need extreme vetting?  Strengthening the vetting process from those coming from countries with strong ISIS presence is necessary.  Some of the immigrants moving onto places like the United States, and/or the European Union have criminal record, or a relation to the ISIS, or other terrorist groups. This must be done to better protect any citizen and national security.  Refuge interviews cover everything from refuge and immigration matters, to security and country specific questions.

The extreme vetting is mainly directed to seven Muslim countries around the globe.  These seven countries are the ones that export, show, or promote terrorism.  This process is directed mainly to those with a criminal record or any connection to a terrorist group.  If the person being interviewed doesn’t have criminal record, or any connection or history with a terrorist group, doesn’t have to worry much.  Recently, the 2016 elected US president said “Those who support… bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country… Only those who embrace a tolerant American Society should be issued visas…” (D. Trump, 2016).What are the benefits for citizens? Vetting would guaranty more protection.  Mainly for those who are living in the country.

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 Most citizens are fearing immigration, due to the fact that some terrorists are slipping through the vetting process.  Those, who have caused terrorist attacks like the 911 attack, bombing of USS Cole, Salmonella Attack, Mid-Air Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, Beslan Massacre, Barcelona terror attack, Finsiburry Park morque terror attack, and the Paris terror Attack.  All these attacks cause the death of many innocent lives, risked thousands, and maybe millions of lives.

 All these, were caused by a terrorist who slipped through a vetting process.  As shown, this are huge risks for the security of each citizen.  By improving the vetting systems, governments can assure better protections to their citizens.

 Leaving them with part their worries taken of their minds.What are the benefits for the governments? Part of the immigrants that enter a country, are or can be a terrorist.  He or she, can be taking a job, and the opportunity of someone of that country.  Or, there is the other hand, were the terrorist, takes an advantage, and relies, at least, a 70% of the government.  Just there, the government is losing tons of dollars.  This money, could be used for other things like help the health system.  By strengthening the vetting system, the government would save millions of dollars. Not only money is brought to inters, but national security.

National security doesn’t only bring safety to the citizens, but to the whole government and its allies too.  It will decrease crime, and increase tourism.To conclude, we need extreme vetting because we need to protect a nation from every single point of view, security, economic, health and others.  From security, to financial points, strengthening the vetting process from countries that ISIS influence or any terrorist group, is a must.  Two big masses would be benefiting of this, the citizens, because they would have more protection.  The Government, because there would be less crime, more tourism, and save money.

 It is the policy of the United States to keep its citizens safe from terrorist attacks, including those committed by foreign nationals.  To prevent the entry into the United States of foreign nationals who may aid, support, or commit violent, criminal, or terrorist acts, it is critical that governments enhance the screening and vetting protocols and procedures for granting visas, admission to the territories, or other benefits.


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