What Every community should be prepared for a

What is terrorism? It isnot an ideology like democracy or fascism. However, terrorism is a strategyused to achieve specific objectives. The act is seen when a person or group hasasymmetric power struggles against a larger state, thus resorting to actions thatare extreme and violent.   Preparing for a terrorist attack is difficultbecause nobody knows when an attack will occur and there are different forms.Technology continues to advance so do the tools used for terrorism. However,there are some strategies for counter-terrorism: applying minimum securitystandards, preserving critical information, and keeping terrorists frompotential weapons.

            Terroriststry to make the greatest impact that they can. These attacks affect physicalharm, psychological well-being, financial stability, and internationalrelations. The aftermath of attacks can make people feel vulnerable. Fearbegins to control daily routines and worldviews. R?dulescu (2016) notes thatnegative impacts can last up to 5 years after a major terrorist attack (p.

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92).             Fortourists, the effect can be substantial. Terrorists tactically target”tourist sites, places of residence of the political, economic and socialelite” (R?dulescu, p.91). Tourists will decide to go to other places theydeem safer, meaning economic loss.

According to R?dulescu (2016), five millionAmericans travel to Europe annually, however, “approximately 60% ofAmerican tourists have canceled bookings to Europe due to terrorist attacks.The World Tourism Organization estimated that the losses in terms ofinternational tourism receipts are approximately 105 billion dollars”(p.92).Manypeople believe terrorism is solely international attacks. However, theseattacks can be domestic as well. A government report “shows that from September12, 2001, to December 31, 2016, there were 85 deadly attacks in the UnitedStates by violent extremists (Valverde, 2017). Most of these attacks werecarried by the far-right. On October 1, 2017, a 64-year-old white mean carriedfire at a country music festival in Las Vegas, marking the deadliest massshooting in the history of the United States.

Las Vegas is one of the largest tourists’attractions in the country. Psychologically tourists will not feel safe goingto certain venues anymore, and cost of security will increase.  Every community should be prepared for aterrorist attack because of the significant impact it has psychologically andfinancially.

Economic activity is deeply affected by terrorist attacks. Damageto infrastructure and discouraged foreign investment in turn affect the stockmarket. R?dulescu (2016) found that “in 2013 the 10 countries mostaffected by terrorism had declines in GDP between 0.

5 and 0.8 percentagepoints” (p.90); these impacts continue years after the attack takes place.These individuals and groups are unpredictable and are driven by their beliefs.



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