What come from Babylon and Egypt at about

What would the human race be without the science of numbers and their operation? We would still be living in a cave..

. But wait; actually, we would also not be able to hunt because to make an arrow we would have to use angles. So, in the end, we would be vegan, live in a cave and we’d have nothing to protect ourselves. So pretty much humans would be a goner. Hold on we do have angles and have calculations, formulas, shapes, and graphs.

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All of this helped us create things like TV’s, Vehicles, WiFi and whatever else there is that you like. We have it thanks to the science of numbers and their operation. That brings me to my subject for this speech: the history and development of math. Mathematics, the science of structures, orders, and relations that has to do with counting, measuring and the shapes of objects. It deals with logical thinking and many calculations. Soon after languages began it would be safe to say that humans used math and fingers and thumbs helped create the first abacus.Arithmetic cannot easily develop until an efficient numerical system is in place. Requiring both the concept of place value and the idea of 0.

0 was invented by Brahmagupta in the 5th century later on and currently, the first examples of geometric and algebraic calculations come from Babylon and Egypt at about 1750 BC. Currently, Babylon is known as Iraq. Of these 2 places, Babylon is much more advanced with complex algebra problems that they do on tablets. Egyptian mathematics is less advanced than Babylon’s but a whole papyrus on the subject has survived. It is called the Rhind papyrus and it was copied from the scribe Ahmes. The papyrus has brain teasers such as the one on question 24- “What is the size of the heap if the heap and 1/7 of the heap amount to 19?”  The Papyrus has one important element of algebra, the use of an unknown number. Although in this case, it is h that means unknown number.

Now let’s fast forward to the 6th century BC and while we at that time we should teleport to Greece and their colonies. As the Greek empire began to spread they adopted elements of mathematics from both the Babylonians and the Egyptians. Thales, who lived in the 600 BCs, is usually thought to have been laid down guidelines for the abstract development of geometry.also, There is the famous Pythagoras who was born at around the same time as Thales. He figured out that a whole system of mathematics could be constructed, where geometric elements correspond with numbers. Pythagoras’ Theorem, is one of the best known of all mathematical theorems.it is certain that Pythagoras influenced everyone, including Plato, who established his famous Academy in Athens in 387 BCE, and his student, Aristotle, whose work on logic was regarded as definitive for over two thousand years. A lot of Greece’s work was in geometry.

Now we will go back the current date anywhere you imagine.Every single invention got help from other peoples’ before them like look at Google for example Sergey Brin got tons of help from Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi who invented algorithms. But the people and places that I mentioned in this speech influenced many people, and this world probably wouldn’t be the same without them.   Hopefully you have learned a lot about one of the most hated school subjects history. MATH!


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