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What caused the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century?Why did Great Britain take the lead in the Industrial Revolution?How did the consumer contribute to changes in consumption? Not a single person living during, or before, the eighteenth century could predict how largely the new inventions of their time would create an industrial phenomenon.Textiles were producing more finished products faster than ever before with the help of the spinning jenny and the water frame.

Europe took the lead in the Industrial Revolution because it had a very vast supply of natural resources needed to fuel growing industries, such as iron production.More importantly, the creation of the steam engine enabled work to be done nearly a hundred times faster than ever before, because machines were no longer powered by men or animals, yet by Europe's vast supply of coal.As people began to spend more time working in factories and less time in their homes, they began to rely on others to produce the goods and services they once provided for themselves.European consumption began to increase very rapidly, leading to more jobs and a powerful European economy that has stood the test of time.

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(Kagan 532-533) Innovative minds were in abundance during the eighteenth century.New inventions helped revolutionize labor forces and the time it took to create finished products for consumers.Thefirst invention that helped to boost the Industrial Revolution was the flying shuttle, created by James Kay.However, it didn't even come close to the impact that James Hargreaves' spinning jenny had on the textile industry.In the beginning, this marvel could produce 16 spindles of thread at a time, yet by the time it reached its peak at the end of the eighteenth century, up to 120 spindles could be produced at once.

Textiles were able to produce more finished goods faster than ever.Many employment opportunities were available too be…

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