When ego along with overconfidence. From what Steven

When looking at the Battle of the Little Big Horn there are many reasons why General Custer lost the battle. Many will say that he made bad choices and others will say that his luck just happened to run out that day. I think the reason why Custer lost the battle was a combination of both but it was his choices in the end that cost him his life and the battle. The events that went on around him that are considered his bad luck could have been looked at when they happened and fixed. There was a lot going on around Custer that could have made his mind not focused at the time of the battle such as running for president and also his ego along with overconfidence. From what Steven Ambrose put forth in his opinion of the battle I agree with most of the mistakes that he says Custer made. Thefirst one and I think second most important mistake that Custer made was not taking the 2nd Cavalry when it was offered to him.

This would have given him around a 1,100 men and that would have definitely been enough to defeat the Sioux. This can be countered by that Custer had too much pride with the 7th Cavalry and that he didn't want to share it with anyone else. Custer also knew that he was going to face the largest amount of warriors ever so having more men wouldn't hurt him at all and of course increase his chances of winning the battle. The next mistake that Custer made was underestimating the enemy that he was about to face. He figured that there would be about 1,500 warriors at max where there were actually almost double that. Custer probably didn't think that there would be any Cheyenne either. It was also known that at around that time of year the entire Sioux nation comes together for a big get together.

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This all stems back to others in the army not doing good reconnaissance of the area where they believed the Sioux were. The area that the army believed to be around atfirst stretched for 125 miles and was about 50 miles…

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