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What is the price difference between thevehicles?                                                                            You save roughly $543 a year by using electricitycompared to gas. Gas prices do increase during the spring & summer, butwith an electric car the only time the electricity prices go up is during theday. The average person typically keeps their car for about 6 years which savesthem $3258.

The government of Ontario also gives money for vehicles under theEVIP program that was released in 2010. Some insurance companies may also givediscounts for people who have electric cars. Maintenance on the two types ofcars are different. On an engine powered car there are hundreds of more partssuch as the ECU (engine control unit) to control the engine itself, a radiatorto make the engine cool, and also a lot of fluids. On an electric powered carthere are few to no parts really needed, you require windshield fluid, abattery, electric motor(s), and also maintaining brakes.Which gets better mileage?                                                                                                                 The mileage on any car depends on its weight andbattery/engine of the car. Typically the average mileage an electric car getsis 300km on full charge.

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Some electric cars take power from braking, kineticenergy is turned into chemical energy where then it’s stored in the batteryused for future needs. An electric car works mostly in the city due to the factthat on highways the motor has to work harder to defeat the aerodynamicresistance created when going at higher speeds. There are some cars out therethat have good aerodynamics which then decreases the resistance created on themotor.Is it better to get ahybrid in comparison of both electric and engine?                                              A hybrid is anunreasonable purchase due to the fact that you have to charge and put gas in.It’s costly in comparison to gas and electric cars. Plug in hybrids aren’t anybetter, you would need to charge them often and need to pay for gas.

If you’retrying to save the environment by buying a hybrid, it doesn’t really help. Ahybrid still takes in gas and electricity which still is not completely environmentallyfriendly because 35.3% of Canada’s electricity is non-renewable.

Are electric cars really good for theenvironment?                                                                             Most of Canada’s electricity is accounted fromhydroelectricity, producing 59.328% of the entire amount of electricitygenerated by Canada. 35.3% of Canada’s electricity is from non-renewablematerials.

Are there enough charging stations forthese electric cars?                                                                 Is the upfront cost worth it as of 2018?                                                                                             As of 2018, it’s a reasonable purchase for themid-class. The technology for these cars is still developing. Going With olderelectric cars are not worth the purchase due to the fact that they don’tcontain the same amount of technology newer cars have today. For example thenewer cars contain regenerating electricity, and even cutting the power whengoing down hills.



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