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Benjamin Franklin's autobiography gave the readers a small insight of society into the eighteenth century versus how society is viewed today as a whole. Throughout the entire autobiography he chronologically orders events from the time that he was a small boy growing into the age of a man. Thus giving the reader the option to compare his or her life with that of Mr.

Franklin's and connect to his reading based on experiences. It is noticed that in the eighteenth century they seemed to be more of a working society than of today's society. Although people in today's society still do work, it has become more of a managerial society instead of blue-collar jobs in which people work just to support the well being of them and their family. Making this judgment is a clear view that present day America is very spoiled in their actions and thinking. If you compare a twelve year old boy in the eighteen century he would already be starting to work as an apprentice or start to be bred into a job with great option to attend school or choose his field; in the present day a child would still be in school and if he were taken from school to be put to work many organizations of the community, government and society would be raising a fit that he is being taken from education. An education back centuries ago was seen as learning a job that was beneficial, usually one that has been in the family for many generations.

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In Franklin's case he had several brothers who were put into different fields of apprenticeships. The autobiography tells the story of his childhood in which he watched his brothers grow into these other fields while his father would not let him choose asfirst nor support his own decision on what he wanted to do in life. It gave examples of what they did and even told that he had a sister through the fact that he had a brother-in-law and I clearly confirm that because back then gay marriage was completely unaccept..


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