(3) and with being alone. (7) Students have

(3) Physically challenged, slow learners, minority students and students from disadvantaged sections feel safe and their needs are fulfilled. (4) Aggressive behaviour is absent. (5) Students are able to cope with stress.

(6) Students know how to balance time with peers and with being alone. (7) Students have satisfying interpersonal relationships with peers and the teacher. (8) Students are able to adapt themselves to different social situations and to behaviour of their peers and the teacher. (9) There is mutual trust among students and between the teacher and the students. (10) Students are able to express their emotions comfortably and assertively without jeopardizing relationships. They are neither docile nor aggressive.

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(11) Students are aware of the goals of instruction. (12) They have a sense of direction and purpose. (13) There is a sense of affiliation among students.

(14) Their attitude towards the institution is positive. (15) Students find classroom activities meaningful and valuable. (16) Students exhibit feelings of joy, hope and courage. (17) There is mutual respect amongst students.

(18) Students are able to face life’s challenges without unduly high level of stress. (19) Students are not unduly frustrated about negative events in life. (20) Learning is not restricted to gaining marks alone but encompasses all-round-development of students.


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