The needs, i.e. they require more awards

The job characteristics are important factors for providing satisfaction. Reward systems, equitable rewards, equal pay for equal work, promotion avenues, etc. are satisfying factors. Money is important to employees having unfulfilled basic and safety needs but their attitudes towards rewards change once they are satisfied with their basic needs, i.

e. they require more awards and recognition. Fairness in promotion, unbiased attitude of the management, responsibilities and social status are the factors that are said to be providing satisfaction to employees.

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Working conditions influence employee levels of satisfaction. Under conducive working conditions, people prefer to work hard while in an adverse atmosphere people avoid work. Working conditions not only include the physical conditions of the work place but also the working relationships in the organization. The physical conditions, for example, are the light, temperature, willingness, etc.

A clerk working under routine conditions likes to work hard in an air-conditioned atmosphere with computer facilities. He gets satisfaction while working in the office. It increases the working capacity of the employee. The relationships between the employees and their managers have an important bearing on job satisfaction.

Social interaction is also recognized for the purpose. Job satisfaction is greater in case the higher authority is sympathetic, friendly and willing to help the employees. Employees feel satisfied when their views are listened to and regarded by their higher authorities. The perceptions and personalities of employees are the deciding factors of job satisfaction. Personal attitudes and perceptions are the employees’ angles of satisfaction, which should be taken into consideration while motivating people to arrive at job satisfaction.


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