(d) sense of confidence and should be free

(d) Maintain Adequate Communication:A free and continuous flow of information between the superior and the subordinate is necessary so as to obtain pertinent information and feedback from the subordinate as well as to help him/her in making decisions and interpretations.

(e) Ensure Unity of Command:This principles laid down by Fayol is equally applicable in case of delegation wherein each subordinate should have only one boss to whom he/she would be accountable. (f) Establish Proper Controls:Adequate controls must be provided to identify immediately any deviations from the plans. (g) Establish a Climate of Confidence:The subordinate to whom delegation is made must feel a sense of confidence and should be free from fear of censure or punishment.

The superior must be willing to allow the subordinate to make mistakes though he should ensure that the same mistake is not repeated again. (h) Help the Subordinate:The superior must provide assistance to the concerned subordinate readily and on a friendly note. (i) Establish a Strong Belief in Delegation:The superior should himself be convinced of the need and benefits of delegation and convince his subordinates that delegation will lead to their own growth and self-development. (j) Reward Effective Delegation:Successful assumption of authority and fulfillment of duties must be rewarded so as to develop a congenial institutional climate.


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