Direct advertising. On the other hand, indirect

Direct and Indirect Advertising: Advertising can be divided into direct and indirect advertising. If the message is to be communicated to specific persons, the advertising is direct.

The advertiser may write letters to the consumers directly persuading them to buy specific products or services. This type of direct approach is usually made by the selling organisations. Such type of advertising is otherwise known as direct advertising. On the other hand, indirect advertising is undertaken for people at large. It is not meant for any specific person or a group of persons.

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It is made for one and all in the society. Indirect advertising can be heard and seen by anybody. Such type of advertising may be done either by the advertiser himself or can be undertaken by advertising agencies. Indoor and Outdoor Advertising: Advertising can also be classified as: (i) Indoor, and (ii) Outdoor advertising. In case of indoor advertising, messages are conveyed through various media to the indoor target audience.

The media or vehicles used for indoor advertising are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film and video. Here, the message reaches the indoor audience where they are supposed to be in relaxed and receptive mood. Indoor advertising comes under indirect advertising as these are not meant for any specific individual.

On the other hand, outdoor advertising caters to those people who are out of doors. In this case, the advertising message is placed in a strategic location to attract the attention of audiences on the move. These advertisements are so located that they catch the eyes of the passer-by immediately.

Outdoor advertising comprises of posters, hoarding, wall paintings, bulletins, advertising on moving vehicles, neon signs, sky writing, sandwichmen, etc. A passer-by can see and read such advertisements. Outdoor advertisements are fixed usually at some strategic locations which enable people to see them again and again and thus it results in creating lasting impression.

An important point of distinction between indoor and outdoor advertising is the cost. All indoor advertisements need payments from the consumers. In other words, one has to subscribe to a newspaper, journal or magazine, purchase a radio or television and purchase cinema ticket to avail the facility of indoor advertisements. On the other hand, outdoor advertisements are enjoyed by the consumers free of cost.

However, such a distinction between indoor and outdoor advertising becomes vague in many cases.


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