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The History of European Political Ideas What are the aims of Machiavelli in the Prince? The Prince was an incredible book written by Machiavelli. Even though it was written in the 1500s, much of it can be applied in the world today. Many philosophers credit the ideas of Nicolo Machiavelli, because they feel he was thefirst person in history to examine politics and science from a purely scientific and rational view. He was able to take a rational approach to analysing government and politics, but many of Machiavelli’s critics would say that he was too harsh in his ideas.

However, I feel that Machiavelli was taking on a realistic view of society, and because he said these views out aloud, people were shocked and outraged. We can see that his writings can still be found in today;s’ society. In the Prince, Machiavelli’s aim was to show his theories and points of view.

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He felt that a state was only created through the co-operation between people, who work to maintain it. Machiavelli theorised that the main focus and concern of this state should be maintaining sovereignty. This was so that the state could get stability, and a strong military power was also needed for this. In the Prince, Machiavelli looks at dictatorial power over the people from Princes that rule in their societies, where the nature of power is looked at real closely. The Prince is unique, because not only does it explain how to take control of other lands and control them, but it disregards all moral and ethical rules. Machiavelli states: “..

…it is necessary for a price, wanting to maintain himself, to learn how to be able to be not good and use this and not use this Machiavelli stated this because, he felt that if a man shows goodness in all that he does, then he will eventually be ruined when he is with others who are not so good. This was surprising advice to be giving to princes, and would be surprising to give to those in political offices today, …

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