What education can help me gain the

Whata time to be an economist, as even the occurrences on the other side of theworld have such influence on every individuals’ day-to-day lives due to theglobalised economy being interlocked. This is where my interest in Economicshas surfaced from as it is evident that economic factors control and havechanged many of the happenings and improvements in our world. It is a subjecteternally significant to everyone’s life.I am motivated by the thought of studying economics as from a young age,the purpose of economic systems has always fascinated me and the impact uponus. Studying about the complexities of economic issues such as decision-makingand its impact on business is an area that I look forward to learning moreabout.

Thus, continuing to further education can help me gain the utmost frommy chosen course whilst allowing me to engage myself in every part ofuniversity life.Currentlystudying English Literature, Psychology, and Religious Studies, I thoroughlyrelish the research, analysis, and writing that go on in my chosen subjects. Ivalue studying English Literature as I feel that the power of language isimportant when used effectively because it enhances your ability to expressyour views and opinions more intelligently, and widens your vocabulary.

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Thestudy of Psychology has given me the opportunity to understand the mind and thecomplex clockwork that is involved, therefore learning this subject hasdefinitely made me more intent and observant as a person. Religious Studiesallows me to think independently about the intricate detail, whilst aphilosophical pursuit into the world of religion has helped me enhance mycritical thinking skills, which I now use in all aspects of my studies.Beyondmy studies, I thoroughly enjoy partaking in sports from badminton to athletics;representing my school at the Lloyds Games for 5 years as their 100m sprinter. I was elected Form Rep throughout high school andtook pride in representing my fellow peers.

Such accomplishments androles developed my confidence to engage in group discussions as well asenhancing my organisational skills, and this is the sort of attitude I willdefinitely employ when studying at university. During summer, I had a work experience placement atmy dad’s lettings agency, Sterling De Vere, taking on the role of a salesnegotiator. I was also involved in the marketing and evaluation of properties,and handling customer relations. Working with such a firm has equipped me withmany of the skills that I have today – such as working under pressureindependently and has given me a strong understanding on how economics isfunctional in the real world. I currently hold a part-time job as a sales consultant at Kurt Geiger,which is an upmarket retailer. This has been highly beneficial to myinterpersonal, communication, and time management skills. I believe that mystudies will gain from my organised character and disciplined approach to work.

I like to keepwell-informed with current economic affairs by habitually reading The Economistand The Economic Review. I also watch the news daily and follow stories in themedia, for a wider breadth of knowledge concerning economics today. Giving alot of time and attention to this subject has made me appreciate the approachesthat go on; I am committed to exploring more.I aman optimistic, highly motivated andhardworking individual, who is passionate and eager to thrive. I am devoted toworking to the best of my ability and look forward to overcoming any challengesI am faced with.

I acclimatise quickly to any surroundings, whether it beworking independently, or as part of a team. I hope to gain a deeperunderstanding of the way native economies cooperate and how these localdecisions can provide towards a more global economic advance. I believe I havebuilt up all the relevant skills that will aid me in this aspiring role to be asuccessful undergraduate; ultimately leading to a profession in the financialsector.


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