What scholarly knowledge on the topic under discussion.

What ‘personal space’looks like around the world?Part A: Review theResearch Ask In this Study, the authorseeks to establish how people from different parts of the world processpersonal space, or how much space they need between themselves and othersdepending on how close they are socially. The study goes on to carry anassessment on a sample from different countries around the world includingAfrica, North America, Europe, South America and Asia. The essence of spreadingthe sample across different jurisdictions around the world is to establishwhether or not variations in social placement affects how people perceive theconcept of personal. There are a lot of factors that are under considerationwhen it comes to the factors that influence the concept of personal space. theresearch question that the study successfully answers is how differences in thecountry of origin affects how much personal space a person is comfortable with.Learn The study deploys a widearray of research methods, including an integration of qualitative andquantitative research.

For instance, the author begins by establishing aliterature foundation by looking at available literature as well as scholarlyknowledge on the topic under discussion. The study goes ahead to deploy aquantitative study that investigates how individuals from different parts ofthe world view the concept of personal space. Participants are given anopportunity to judge how close they would like someone to be depending on theirsocial relation. The three distinct categories that the participants arepresented with include stranger, acquaintance and someone that they areintimate with. This allows the research to also determine if the socialrelationship between two people is capable of influencing the view of personalspace as well as how this varies across different countries. Research By deploying the researchmethod above, the study establishes that there is a variation in the way thatpeople process personal space across different countries. There is also ageneral observation that personal space changes depending on social connectionbetween people. The distance reduces as the spectrum moves from stranger toacquaintance to someone that they are intimate with.

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There were alsojurisdictional specific findings such as people from Argentina call for lesserpersonal space relative to individuals from Asia. The study concludes that thefindings of this study are crucial because, they help people comprehend socialroles better. This means that the findings of the study opens up the world fora better understanding of how moving parts of the society interact and howsocial experiences shape the cultural decisions that members of a communitymake. Do One can say that theresearch shapes up very nicely, but there are a few questions that I would liketo ask in order to gain a deeper understanding of the study. They include thefollowing – How does race influencepersonal space – Are there more naturalaspects that likely influence personal space such as geographic exposure andseason – How can the distancebetween two people be used to judge the social connection between them I choose to ask thesefollow-up questions because they offer an opportunity to understand thepractical implications of the study better. There is so much theory going on inthe study and it would be best to throw in a practical perspective in thedeconstruction process in order to determine the overall social value of thestudy, especially for those who look forward to using the findings in reallife.

I also ask these questions in order to help identify any gaps in researchthat will need dealing with in future studies in order to fortify the current knowledgebase on personal space. Part B: MakeConnections The findings of thisstudy are quite influential because they can have a practical bearing on anyonewho understands them and experiences the contexts that are covered in there.Personally, there are different ways that I can practically apply the findingsstarting with interpersonal interactions. Looking at the specifics of thestudy, it is evident that personal space varies from one region to another andgiven its significance in interpersonal communication, I can use thisinformation to create a more comfortable communication context for me and otherpeople that I meet. Another application of the findings is with regard toadaptation to diversity. Today, I get to meet people from different parts ofthe world and it helps to have information on the cultural differences betweenthem and myself.

This helps to cultivate a strong social bond that is entirelybased on the social understanding that emanates from better culturalcomprehension. I can say that the findings can help boost my social tolerancelevels. In order to better myapplication of these findings in my day to day life, there are two morequestions that I would like to explore. – Can societies transformtheir view of personal space as a result of external influence? – What other aspects ofhuman interaction are influenced by one’s social bearing? 


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