What these were the founding cells of insulin,

What isinsulin, insulin is a form of medication, insulin is mainly used to treatconditions like Diabetes mellitus type 1, Diabetes mellitus type 2, gestational diabetes etc. It is also used to treatconditions with high blood sugar levels.

In the early19th century scientists observed patients dying with diabetes andstudied the effects of the pancreas on the body and came to a conclusion thatit was in some way connected to the dying patients, later in 1869 a Germanmedical student found parts of cells in the pancreas that then later was namedafter him these were the founding cells of insulin, in 1889 Oscar Minkowski andhis colleague joseph von Mering surgically removed a pancreas from a dog, tostudy the effects it had on digestion, they found that high increased levels ofsugar were present in the urine created by the dog, between the years 1914-1916a series of experiments were conducted by a Phycologist Named  Nicolas C. Paulescu who first extracted theagent later known as insulin, that treated animals, he was turned down by thescientific community due to other favourable scientists.A coupleyears later after WW1 a Canadian Fredrick Banting and his colleague Charles H.Best, the two discovered the hormone that had been contained in the pancreaticextracts of dogs, the two injected the newly found hormone into animals andfound that this new extract had significantly lowered the sugar levels ofanimals to a sustainable level, They later perfected their experiments to alevel where they could surgically filter an animals pancreas, The two laterdeveloped this hormone into a experimental human treatment that would helppatients with diabetes, a scientist named Macloed was impressed with their workand perfected their method by using a cows pancreas which he then later namedinsulin, a scientist later named Collip helped purify the insulin to be testedon humans To concludeInsulin is mainly used to treat conditions like diabetes and has an interestinghistory that dates back hundreds of years, The main method of injecting insulinis to inject it into the veins and that Maclead was the man responsible fornaming insulin and creating a viable way of extracting it 

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