Westward efficient transport was in need. Without

Westward Expansion: Technological AdvancementsDuring the augmentation of the United States expansion westward, technology contributed an important component to the philosophy of manifest destiny.

Manifest Destiny is a term coined in 1845 to describe the movement of westward expansion. The incentive to expand west was the americans “superiority” over other nations and their quest for gold. Manifest Destiny is the catalyst of today’s American substantial geography, providing its stature and power.

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The initiation of westward expansion would rely on the necessity for technology. With new advancements in technology, people saw the Great Plains not as a “wasteland” but as a vast area to be settled and conquered. The journey west would empower the settlers to rely on the accretion of farming and water. Production of inventions would support their deprivation resources. Traveling across land was tedious and a more efficient transport was in need. Without the development of essential technology such as, windmills, railroads, and wheat farming, the movement to the west would be obsolete.

The parched Great Plains had settlers in pursuit of water, the invention of the windmill made it more accessible. The lack of rainfall resorted to pump water from underground aquifers. The vast amounts of wind, spun the blades pumping water to the surface.

The water then flows into an open wooden box called a trough, accessing drinkable water. The windmill also had other purposes, for cutting wood and grinding grain.  It’s simple maintenance and efficient use, averted high intense labor making time for other necessary tasks. The time saved from laborious work was immense.

This invention was to adapt to the lack of resources and the harsh climate of the Great Plains. The Windmill also developed an important role to agriculture expansion and sustain Americans to fulfill manifest destiny.


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