The day’s ride to the nearest courthouse,

The westward settlement created a dangerous area of political and social conflict between the backcountry settlers, and the eastern settlers.Economic, governmental and ethnic differences played a major role in the continuing conflicts between the east and west.

There were many clashes in the early 1760's,between the backcountry settlers and the eastern settlers, from the Paxton Boys to the North and South Carolina Regulations. The westward settlement created a dangerous area of political conflict. Backcountry settlers were isolated more than other colonials.There was a lack of transportation, usually a day's ride to the nearest courthouse, tavern, or church.These back country settlers were mostly settlers whom had little money to pay their taxes, and they did not like being governed by officials who were chosen by assemblies so far away.

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Back country settlers were also economically isolated; many parts were cut off from water transport because they were located above the fall line.Backcountry settlers did not often transport crops or livestock because it was too expensive.Since most backcountry settlers did not have money, they were unable to purchase slaves or servants.Most families were only able to grow enough to feed their own families. As the western communities grew, they needed additional funds to build roads and bridges for creating institutions for local self-government.Eastern colonials were not very helpful; they were slow to set up new colonies in the west, when counties were set up the areas had large lots of land but few representatives.With no continuous local leadership, backcountry farmers who owned had more land than others, or owned a slave were put to the tasks overseeing public order, and were representatives for colonial assemblies.

Most of these men were poorly educated and had no experience. With so little authority in the backcountry, settlers had a more aggressive behavior…

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